The European Physcomitrella Net

A collaborative research project within the European Research Area on Plant Genomics (ERA-PG)

Principal Investigators


The EuPhyscoN project is coordinated by Ralf Reski (University of Freiburg, Germany;e-mail, homepage).

The Co-PIs are:
Andrew Cuming (University of Leeds, United Kingdom) e-mail homepage
Thomas Münster (MPIZ Cologne, Germany) e-mail homepage
Nir Ohad (Tel Aviv University, Israel) e-mail homepage
Bernd Reiss (MPIZ Cologne, Germany) e-mail homepage
Hans K. Stenoien (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) e-mail homepage
Yves Van de Peer (Gent University, Belgium)
e-mail homepage




- Development and dissemination of new plant genomics tools
- Natural variation for functional gene characterisation
- Identification of novel genes by forward genetics
- Analysis of homologous recombination
- Functional genomics through reverse genetics




The International Moss Genome Consortium
Why sequence Physcomitrella patens?
The Physcomitrella transcriptome resource

Technical contact: Daniel Lang